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Sorry, no more posts in English language to appear here due to lack of time. Though you can at least enjoy images in the Czech version! :-)

Original Turbine Wheels

Some time ago some people convinced me to make an investment into better wheels. Coincidentally, I just met with Western Turbine Wheels 15x8 rims on ebay. They were produced as a replicas of original turbines (YJ8). But the reserve price was too high in my opinion. In a few days I found original ones (15x7), over $200 cheaper. The only requirement was to set my alarm clock to 4:45 AM and stay cool while bidding. Then, just few seconds before the auction ended, I put my decent maximum sum and hoped. Just for the imagination, the wheels was presented like on these images:

Turbine Wheels

Beautiful, aren’t they? Well, let’s see what had arrived after 14 days…

Turbine Wheels Turbine Wheels Turbine Wheels

The difference is obvious. Anyway, they are over 30 years old and for that age they still look “acceptable”. So I started the renovation process, took them to the wheel repair service. The result was - three of them were twisted or rather oval than round. So, after the repair and alignment I moved them over “the yard” to make them sand blasted and powdercoated with additional layer of high gloss transparent color. And the results?

Without Flash

After some time I also bought brand new lug nuts and center caps which surely will look laughingly for real Z/28 Camaro owners. But those should also know that it’s impossible to buy new center caps with classic Chevrolet’s bow tie logo. The only way is to buy a sticker and replace it. Such operation does not have a priority for me, moreover when I don’t want to ruin brand new items.


The tire combination I selected is:

  • 245/60 R15 rear
  • 225/60 R15 front

I guess this tire combo is very decent, the dimension difference between front and rear is almost imperceptible. Below are pictures of the final wheels shape and how they appear installed on the vehicle.

Wester Turbine Wheels Wester Turbine Wheels
Photobucket Photobucket

Fuck the Winter

I just wanna the winter to leave, now!

May the summer come again, please :-)

Brakes? One minute to midnight!

Such words came into my mind after examination of current disc brake pads. They look like originals from 1979... well now I'm exaggerating a little, they must be from 1980.

My colleague with his mighty 1978 helped me out with the brake pads exchange. I noticed huge change in the braking experience on my way back home. A small additional task awaited me there, I installed solid fuel filter instead of the plastic crap that was sitting there before.

Some days later we jumped into a replacement of drum brake shoes in the rear. We replaced almost all the hardware inside. Also, the braking system was totally flushed out and filled with a brand new fluid. The old one reminded me a sparkling black mud - how the hell could that even brake before?

Notice the last photo where we achieve a very artistic impression of whole composition by help with special effects - making the opposite wheel spinning :-)

First Public Appearance

In the end of August, me and my friend visited my first public motorshow ever. It was held nearby Chomutov city in Czech Republic (map). Considering the pitful condition of my car I was very surprised of that count of curious buddies around my car. Moreover, how they started shooting the engine bay once I opened it.

For those who are interested what the event name U.S.tecka Motorshow means:

  • U.S. in the meaning of United States (cars'n'bikes built in the US)
  • Ustecka is an adjective describing a county of Usti nad Labem city.
  • and Motorshow is just a motorshow :-)

Selection of photos can be found on my photobucket album where you can also notice following nice rides.


Moroso - Air Cleaner Ok, Breather K.O.

The idea that using products from one and the same company should fit at 100% was obviously wrong....

Not based on the Filter Selection Poll I selected Moroso air cleaner and while ordering I also put in the basket their breather which has an input from (or output to?) an air cleaner. Furhter I had to buy fuel line kit to be able to put the cleaner with lowered base onto freshly installed carburetor. Let's look what had arrived after several years...

As you might notice on the second picture, yeah, something's wrong there. The air cleaner outlet (1) is wider than breather inlet (2). And while I'm talking about bad news there's another one - the bottom plug of the breather is wider than a hole in the stock valve cover. Therefore I decided to not install any breather in the system because I won't drill original valve covers for a thing worth 6 bucks. The final installation can be criticised bellow.

Kind readers will excuse the disconnected hose on the last image:-)

Camaro Goes Legal

This is the end of illegal drive outs. Recently I obtained registration plates intended to be used on old-timers or in this case better said young-timers as well. Now I can deafen streets legally and I won't be afraid of cops and informers hidden behind each tree and bush nearby the roads.

Well, and because this is an action web site :-) I won't deprive you of a cool movie celebrating this great event.

Edelbrock 1405 Installation

This article is meant as a how-to for dummies therefore you won't find here any deep technical details, physical analysis, differential equations and similar stuff. As you could notice from the title, yep, I purchased this non-expensive carburetor from well known quality company. Concretely, the performer 1405 carburetor is recommended for engine ranges from 305 till 350 cubic inches. It makes 600cfm which should suffice for my "small" application.

And what about current situation, what sits on the engine now? It can't be hard to guess - it's the great vintage Rochester QuadraJet 7028212 DH. This one was being installed to earier Chevy vehicles with 327- or 350cui small blocks.

Now let's see how we did the job, what hose and where to connect. Perhaps, this might also ease the installation to potential daredevils.

Hoses identification and QuadraJet deinstallation

I was quite surprised of the DVD packaged with the carburetor. It features a pleasant gentleman who tells a tale about how to install the Edelbrock carburetor. After some repeated views I started the preliminary tasks. I'll try to make a brief description of the following pictures:

  • Let's take it in ordered way, number by number. Number (3) points to a fuel inlet. In contrast to the Edelbrock carb, QuadraJets have the fuel filter built-in therefore I must use my own.
  • The middle rectangle labeled MV was initially considered as uknown hose. Te determine the purpose of this one it is necessary to fire the engine up, disconnetc hose and put your finger on the carburetor plug. If you feel like you're getting sucked into the carb then we have Manifold Vacuum here, otherwise Timed Vacuum takes a place. Well, because I almost lost my finger, I labeled the hose as MV.
  • Hoses (1) and (4) are a part of the PCV system. One of these comes to be directly plugged into the new carburetor.
  • The last one but rather the most important one (5). Without reconnecting this hose I would drive the car for the first and for the last time. It serves for the power brakes.

Edelbrock Installation

Regarding the scheme on the right we can easily understand what to plug and where. Input port labeled Timed Vacuum was plugged. I ssuffered following issues while installing - missing hose connection for power brakes, too short hose for manifold vacuum, two worn threads in the manifold. Those two I had to redrill to the closest metric size. The MV hose looks like silicone on the pictures bellow but was replaced by a rubber one later. The fuel-line solution is not final yet as you'll see on some article later ;-)

2nd Generation Camaro Wheel & Tires Fitment Chart

For those who are interested in buying new wheels and tires for his 2nd generation F-Body (Camaro & Firebird) sweetheart, Steve from Nasty Z28 forum prepared a nice and clear spreadsheet with combinations that fit. Potential issues with fitment such as interference, rolled lip, suspension mods, spacers, etc. are listed in the last column. The wheel and tire combinations listed are intended as a guide for 70-81 Camaros or Firebirds. They are as stated from other camaro owners. There is no guarantee for fitting. Measuring for fit is the sole responsibility of the person purchasing and installing these combinations.

UPDATE: You might also find useful following links:

The source table from where I got the data can be directly downloaded here. Please, don't link directly the file but rather this page. Thanks.

Diameter Width Backspacing Tire Size Front/Rear Comments
15 6 3.75 215-65 F  
15 7 3.5 245-60 R  
15 7 3.5 245-60 F  
15 7 3.75 215-60 F  
15 7 4 225-60 F  
15 7 4.5 235-60 F  
15 8 3.75 265-50 R  
15 8 4 215-60 F hotchkis 1908coils
15 8 4 275-50 R  
15 8 4 295-50 R landrum 225lb 5-leaf w1" lowering blocks
15 8 4.5 275-60 R slight rub on driver side
15 8 4.5 245-60 F  
15 8 4.5 245-60 R  
15 9        
15 9.5        
15 10 4 295-50 R flared wheelwells
15 10.5        
15 11        
15 11.5        
16 7 4 245-50 F  
16 8 4 255-50 R will slightly rub a larger than stock sway bar
16 8 4.5 245-50 F  
16 8 4.5 245-50 R  
16 8 4.75 245-50 F  
16 8 5 245-50 F  
16 8 5 255-50 R  
16 8 5 225-50 F  
16 9        
16 9.5        
16 10        
16 10.5        
16 11        
16 11.5        
17 7        
17 8 4 235-45 F  
17 8 4.5 235-45 F  
17 8 4.5 245-45 F  
17 8 4.5 255-40 F  
17 8 4.5 255-50 R  
17 8 4.75 235-45 F  
17 8 4.75 245-45 F  
17 8 5 245-45 F  
17 8 5 245-40 F  
17 8 5 255-40 F  
17 8 5.5 275-40 F B-spindles & 12" rotors
17 8 6 245-45 F for Z51 brakes
17 9 4.5 275-40 R  
17 9 5 315-35 R rolled wheelwell lip
17 9        
17 9.5 5.5 285-40 R  
17 9.5 5.5 265-40 R  
17 9.5 5.5 275-40 R cannot use over the axel exhaust pipes, roll wheelwell lip, seat belt hump 'adjusted'
17 9.5 5.5 255-50    
17 10 5.5 285-40    
17 10 6 315-35 R axels slightly longer than stock
17 10.5 6.5 315-35 R seat belt hump 'adjusted'
17 11 5.75 315-35 R  
17 11.5 5.75 315-35 R cannot use over the axel exhaust pipes, roll wheelwell lip, seat belt hump 'adjusted'
18 7        
18 8 4 9/16"
front inner fenders remounted to inside the fender lip and the top two lip bolts were not used. 1.25" front sway bar from a '79 T/A mounted up front
18 8.5 5.5 255-35 F  
18 9 5.5 255-40 F  
18 9 6 275-40 R  
18 9.5        
18 10 6 255-40 R  
18 10.5        
18 11        
18 11.5